cherry berry

pilled toilet paper stuck in on or around a woman’s genitalia, after a wipe.

similar but not to be confused with the “dingle berry”.

plural: cherry berries
i’d have gone down on her, had i not seen a cherry berry
the police. in reference to the emergency vehicle lights. red=cherries… blue=berries
watch out for the cherry berries!
cl-toris. a small, elongated erectile organ at the anterior part of the v-lv-.
i’d love to roll your cherry berry with my tongue!

can i suck your cherry berry?

would you roll your cherry berry on my c-ck?
pilled toilet paper stuck in on or around a woman’s genitalia, after a wipe.

similar but not to be confused with the “dingle berry”.
i was goin’ down on her and choked on a cherry berry.
noun: this is when you have a hairy -ss and you end up having a t-rd getting stuck in between a nest of them and you have to whipe your -ss to hard to get rid of it you end up pulling a ton of hairs out in the process.
while on a date at a fancy restaurant you might say “d-mn girl, i just harvested a cherry berry in the bathroom back there and now i’ve lost my appet-te!”

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