the flap of skin between the shaft of the p-n-s and the scr-t-m. often used in an insulting way.
oh, you can just go chomp on my chezzle, -sshole.

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  • Chicken McSuckits

    the snack of douchebags, jerkoffs, -ssholes, and sc-mbags. an insult. if used correctly, mentioning chicken mcsuckits is equivalent to the phrase “i bite my thumb at you sir” and even more so “suck my d-ck” dude, go snack on some chicken mcsuckits, douchebag

  • Chickie-Cooter

    the scientific term for those people with v-g-n-s on the lower half of their body. scientist 1-you want to go to the bar & pick up some chickie-cooters? scientist 2-chickie cooters!? h-lls yeah!

  • chick lottery

    an ugly and/or nerdish guy dating or married to a hot looking women see that hot babe with that nerd. he must have hit the chick lottery

  • chickwich

    a chicken sandwich, originally from the restaurant chick-fil-a. circa: mid to late 90s. “i am so baked, we gotta roll up belair road to the chick-fil-a for a bag o’ chickwiches!”

  • Chimbe

    a human which is trapped in the body of a cat. a chimbe is a cat which displays human like tendancies

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