warts from too much action aroung your nubee
i’ll give you a chibna in a minute

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  • finst

    getting ready to do something i’m finst to go to da sto!

  • fitting in

    also known as being a trendwh-r-. kid: hay i want to fit in me: go f-ck yourself.

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    to show off kriselda is a flaunt to make a public and usually ostentatious show of: brandish, display, disport, exhibit, expose, flash, parade, show (off), sport. “d-mn girl, if you got it flaunt it” showing off something in for others to envy him: motherf-cker! how did he get that bad-ss ride and that bomb -ss […]

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    a man who who possesses jiggly br–sts “hey flubber t-ts, come sit on uncle fidencio’s lap.” a fat b-st-rd with a weight problem. mike j. br–sts that appear to be particularly, unnaturally, bouncy or lively. term refers to the fictional material “flubber”, created in the 1961 disney film “the absent-minded professor” as a mashup of […]

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