Chick Car

a car that is mostly driven by females, but is occ-ssionally driven by the males as well.

common examples are: beetles, sunfires, neons, miatas, civics
hey, look its a volkswagon beetle, now that is a chick car.
an automobile preferred by women, usually ‘toylike’, most often white in color.

cl-ssic examples- vw rabbit convertible, mazda miata, new vw beetle.

also toyota rav4 and any hybrid such as the prius.

the sitcom ‘yes, dear’ did an episode in which the main character bought a white mazda miata and become frustrated when the car was constantly labeled a ‘chick car’.

chick cars always have automatic transmissions.

the only ‘chick muscle car’ was the baby blue colored ‘ladybird’ version of the trans am.
‘bill loved his miata until he found out it was a chick car.’
a car that looks sporty, but has an automatic transmission. (of course, no man with two legs would ever drive a car with an automatic transmission.)
that jetta sure looks cool, but it’s only a chick car. look inside, it’s got an automatic tranny.
this word is used too often today, and not always in the right context. a chick car is a car that’s all show, but no go. that is to say, a car that looks nice but has a sh-tty engine, meaning it’s slow and does not drive well. not every convertible is a chick car. i know too many people who automatically say chick car when they hear the word convertible. what defines a chick car is not so much it’s appearance, but it’s what’s under the hood. a corvette convertible is not a chick car. why? it may be a convertible, but it’s still got a kick-ss engine that makes it fast and bad-ss. a mazda miata is a chick car. why? it has great looks but has a pathetically weak engine that a real man wouldn’t think twice about driving.
several characteristics of a chick car include:
-automatic transmission
-weak engine (usually 4 cylinder, less than 3.0 liters, less than 180 horsepower)
-front-wheel drive
-sometimes convertibles, but once again, it really depends on how the car operates
person 1: i just got a volkswagen eos.
person 2: dude that’s a chick car
person 1: how? it’s a convertible like your corvette
person: except my corvette can push 190 and your car can barely get 90 because it has a sh-tty engine
any car with 4 cylinders. the reason being, men typically favor power over economy.
mazda miata? dude you just bought a chick car!
any car that warsawronald drives.
look at warsawronald drive that chick car
any car that i drive is a chick car because i am a f-g
when other guys are driving chick cars it turns me on!

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