the sound mario makes when he dies!

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  • chicken house

    a place that offer s-xual services usually in an old house or a sketchy neighborhood. also illegal in the u.s. “yo eddy lets go to the chicken house next door, i heard they got some new talent.” “man i don’t have any money but when i move back to indonesia i’m going to own a […]

  • Chilloout

    the canadian form of chill out. pr-nounced “chill-oot”. used by all canadians. man : they’re out of bagels at tim hortons. god d-mnit!!!!!!! son : jeez dad! just chilloout!

  • chivan

    originated from a beautiful person called “chi van” whose amazing ch-r-ography and artistic interpretations of vietnamese culture forced the creation of such a word. meaning: 1. adj. being overly talented 2. adj. being original and extremely artistic – perfectionist 3. n. unusual talent (positive) you do that so well, it’s like you have some chivan. […]

  • Chocolate Dyke

    a dyk- who enjoys playing in sh-t. yo dude, i think those are the chocolate dyk-s from 2 girls 1 cup.

  • chocolate surprise

    when you are having -n-l with a girl, and she gets sh-t on your d-ck. so you pull a “slip” shove it in her p-ssy real quick to get the sh-t off. then finish the -n-l. so next time she goes to check out her v-g-n-, she’ll find a chocolate surprise. did you hear that […]

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