Chicken Little

noun: someone who makes a big deal out of nothing; a drama queen.

verb: make a big production out of a small event.
your mom is a complete chicken little.

my boyfriend chicken littled over my being 10 minutes late.
1. a forgotten kfc offering that only people who were almost born in the 1970’s remember.

2. a euphemism for doomsday preppers.
1. laura really wished that kfc would bring back chicken littles.

2. those chicken littles were gathering canned beans like there was no tomorrow.
those delicious little sandwiches that kfc once served, containing solely, mayonaise, a fried meat square, lettuce, and a bun.
i once ate 48 of those delicious chicken littles.
that one character in that one movie
john ly looks like chicken little :] aha
man with a little d-ck
sydney: oh man that dude had a chicken little??!!
sharkeisha: yeah he had that baby d-ck doe
1) the weird movie/book about a chicken.

2) a stupid nickname for a guy who is dumb.
pinkee-i hate chickenlittle.
chickenlittle-stfu u hoe. i hate u. im hot. even thought im fat, i still think im cool. im 15 but i look like a fat 9-year-old! woohoo.
pinkee-thats not my problem. u shouldnt have put my wyldryde nickname on urban dictionary. even though i like the definition.
chickenlittle-i was saying u were awesome!
pinkee-i dont like u! leave me alone!
another name for goose b-mps
i had to sh-t so bad, i got chicken littles

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