to sneeze!
person 1 – -chifonchi-
person 1 – n-gg-, g-d bless you.

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  • dat bump

    something you say on a forum when a user “b-mps” or posts in a really old thread -new member posts in a thread from 2004- dat b-mp!

  • frat bunny

    a frat bunny is a girl who bounces around to different frats to get drunk and sl-t it up with all the guys. stacy: “omg here comes sarah” tina: “ew she was everywhere this weekend. she is such a frat bunny”

  • Freaking Anthology

    the name of the huge norton’s anthology book that eveyone hates carrying around. ugh.. i have to carry my freaking anthology to my next cl-ss.

  • Haiku anarchist

    (noun) writer of haiku poetry whom purposely breaks the rules that define it as haiku; and thus deaming it ‘un-haiku. a rebel poet, ‘sparkmanism’. clay was an amazing writer and poet, specializing in haiku, although he creates his own rules, and thus becoming a ‘haiku anarchist’!

  • Miltanip

    a word with no meaning, only to be used in riddles or clues as a link to the next step. miltanip….that is all

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