chili cheese dog

the act of smearing your d-ck with sh-t then f-cking a girl when she has a yeast infection.
my girlfriend begged me to eat her out, but when she pulled down her panties, her p-ssy smelled like rotten cottage cheese. i knew she just wanted me to sooth the ichyness from her dry flaky tw-t, that the monostat cream couldn’t cure. as revenge for the culinary insult, i decided to sh-t in my hand and smear it all over my shaft, then f-ck her. she completed the recipe by adding her cheese to my chili dog. if she had a herpe flare up there would have been spicy onions on it as well. i do love a chili cheese dog!
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a variation of the chili dog. as most people know, the chili dog is when the man sh-ts on the women’s chest and then t-tty f-cks her. the d-ck of course is the hotdog, the t-ts are the buns and the sh-t is the chili. the cheese is added when an unwashed and uncirc-mcized man is doing the f-cking. his d-ck cheese, or schmegma, provides the perfect topping.
“i haven’t washed by d-ck in days. there is so much cheese down there i think me and the missus will have a chili cheese dog tonight.”
defecating between a partner’s br–sts, and then scr-ping the sm-gm-, a sebaceous cheesy secretion from an uncirc-mcised and unwashed p-n-s, on top of the settled feces. then t-tty f-ck her.
i gave erin a chili cheese dog in my car after we went to the ballgame.
to sh-t on a girls t-ts then t-tty f-ck her and when you c-m you have a chili cheese dog….
i gave that girl a chili chees dog….
girl place hot dog bun around your p-n-s. then she puts chili and cheese on it. then she eats eats it like a chili chess dog.
my n-gg- spencer got 8 hoes to give him a chili cheese dog… what a pimp
when getting road head and you go over a b-mp and she gags on ur c-ck and she throws up and continues to suck your d-ck
hey baby that feel good, “b-mp”, “arghuuugh”, mmmm finish that sh-t chili cheese dog
old people at the local library who are eating just sitting around eating
we need to leave, this place is full of chili cheese dogs so i can’t use the free internet

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