chilli dog

when you take a sh-t on a chicks chest and t-ttie f-ck her
chilli dogs are d-mn hot
the act of t-ttyf-cking a chick after giving her a cleveland steamer.
stacy: “i’m hungry. i could go for a chilli dog for lunch.”

mark: “i’m there! you strip down, i’ll go take some exlax!”

stacy: “….what?”
when you sh-t on a girls t-ts and t-tty f-ck her
“i chilli dogrd my b-tch last night”
followes the cleavland steamer the act of t-tty f-cking a chick after you sh-t on her chest
john let sally have a chilli dog
when you f-ck a girl in her -ss. then you maker suck your d-ck afterwards.
shaniqua, that -n-l was the sh-t , but how about you suck my d-ck so we can make it a lagit chilli dog.
the coolest dog in the hood
yo pit bull might be hot, but my rotweiller is the chillidog
a d-ck covered in sh-t after -n-l s-x
after i had -n-l s-x with anna i let her suck on my chilli dog

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