just relaxing, sitting about.
person 1: what you doing tonight?

person 2: i’m just going to be chillsing at home

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  • chilly rainbow

    a sore or mark that resembles a hickey on a man’s p-n-s usually resulting from s-x. can be made if he pulls out and pushes back in wrong, or from friction. my chilly rainbow changes colors when it itches!

  • chin boogie

    slang no one knew what he was saying, because it was all chin boogie.

  • Chin Noir

    of chinese or asian and black descent, like amerie or kimora lee simmons. varient of blackanese that amerie is a prime piece of chin noir tail

  • Chlorifiend

    the evil pool monster who resides in the drains during the day and surfaces only at night to feed off of innocent, unsuspecting swimmers. no one has lived to tell the tale of what he looks like, but its suspected that he has the dorsal fin of a shark, big fangs, sharp claws, and scales. […]

  • chlorking

    chilling while working. i’m chlorking at best brew.

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