Chilly dog with cheese

an extremely raunchy fecal s-x act where you squat over your partner’s chest and proceed to defecate between her breast leaving a long steaming piece of waste in your wake, this is the chilly as such in a chilly dog. thereafter you arise and face your partner and begin to gag your self until you vomit onto the fecal excrement you just ejected. once ready you begin to penetrate the mush with your phallus, a.k.a the hot dog, that is now positioned between your intimate partner’s cleavage. if applicable take a deep inhale of the festering concoction to add more vomit or cheese to your chilly dog, when needed of course. here is your chilly dog with cheese now enjoy. if further perversion is needed seek help. this act will ensure serve mental problems so be cautious when attempting. psychiatric guidance suggested.
would you like a chilly dog with cheese where i penetrate your sh-t and vomit covered t-ts?

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