Chinese finger trap

traditionally it is an ancient chinese finger toy. on the street it is used in reference to a girl that has been known to have s-x with two men at the same time from both ends, hence resembling a chinese finger trap, complete with the pulling and pushing.
i f-cked this girl while she was blowing my friend; she’s a chinese finger trap.
when two guys (standing) are double teaming a midget (one in the mouth, one in the -ss) and the midget is suspended on the two c-cks without touching the ground at all. then the midget bites down on the d-ck and clenches her -ss cheeks so the two guys are stuck in her.
“f-ck this midget has us in a chinese finger trap!”
when one dude hits the -ss or the p-ssy and another guy gets head from that girl….. try and picture it
me n jake pinneo r gonna hit a train on dat b-tch
when two d-cks are put tip to tip, then a girl jerks you both off simultaneously. both hands together, side to side.
sean: you think that girl would ski us both?
josh: definitely!
erin: i would prefer to chinese finger trap you. more bang for the buck!
when two uncirc-mcised men are snoodling and the one with the girthier p-n-s pulls back his foreskin, exposing the head, then the skinnier p-n-s wraps his foreskin around the head of the larger, followed by the larger wrapping it’s foreskin over the skinnier p-n-s’s foreskin.
for added suction, add water under the foreskin and let evaporate.

can also be referred to as the “super snoodle”
dude. i just walked in on joel and frank locked in a chinese finger trap! i’m scarred for life!
this s-xual position, originating in superior grill last friday, consists of two p-n-ses placed head to head. or “eye to eye” proverbially speaking. after in position, the chinese finger trapper stretches the foreskin of his junk over that of the chinese finger trappee and sways to and fro, thus simulating a chinese finger trap. this goes on until he realizes how ridiculous this is.
michael gives the finest chinese finger trap, west of the mississippi.
a form of handjob where the woman places her palm on the head of the p-n-s, draping her fingers down over the shaft. the woman typically then lifts her hand while simultaneously bringing her fingers together. this is generally used in “fooling around” situations, or by inexperienced women who don’t really get what feels good and what doesn’t.
she started giving me a chinese finger trap in the hot tub. i appreciated the effort, but seriously, what was that?

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