cheap chinese sh-t
that sh-t is straight ch-nkety

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  • squeezin *ss

    a s-x term used by women in the philadelphia area which literally translates to grabbing one by the -sscheeks girl 1: what did you do last night? girl 2: i was out with jake “squeezin -ss”

  • hobandoned

    the act of being abonded by a, your, or any ho. she left to get some coffee 20 minutes ago, she hobandoned me.

  • womyah

    womyah: a descriptive term for the celebration of women, feminity, or female activities or accomplishments. a shriek or utterance of joy, appreciation or celebration.. the results of the march was womyah. the celebrants/partic-p-nts proudly shouted “womyah” as they marched in solidarity.

  • winterous

    a man that dogs the boys. me:hey man wanna play league tonight? winterous: yeah soon -doesnt come back.

  • i cant catch feelings

    means i don’t care about anyones feelings oh your in the hospital, “i cant catch feelings”, for you.

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