completely full, or overflowing
this bag is chockerbock full of ______.

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  • schiffiepoo

    the nickname for a stoner who loves to wear khakis. person 1: have you ever seen schiffiepoo wear jeans? person 2: of course not! he’s always flying high in khakis!

  • chocolatebarologist

    someone that studies the history, taste, and aftermath of a chocolate bar. bill, the chocolatebarologist works for twix inc.

  • Bigtime-Ace

    a man that pulls hoes like no other. especially hot hoes that are super models and want his d-ck. he also has to score a sh-t load of touchdowns to be called this bro, that beast qb over there just scored 6 touchdowns and is f-ckin wit them hot hoes. what a f-ckin bigtime-ace

  • chocolate periscope

    when you take a giant dump and it’s so big that the log sticks up out of the water like a chocolate periscope. dude come here i wanna show you my chocolate periscope! what? nooo dude i’m not into men! no you dork its in the toilet, check it out… duuuude that’s awesome!!

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    n. dumb mammal. big idiot. -dad, why can’t i read? -because you are a chom. any human with an i.q. in the negative digits. upon chom’s first i.q. test it was determined that he was so stupid that his score was undeterminable. upon review it was determined that he scored a -27, way below the […]

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