the yummiest, tastiest thing in the whole wide world. chocolate also makes u happy and makes u feel better.
whenever u feel down just have some chocolate it makes u feel better !!!!!
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1.) a sweet candy
2.) used to describe a skin color (the most beautiful skin color)
i absolutely love chocolate

she has the most beautiful dark skin complexion 🙂
any type of african-american male. usually very attractive and yummy. can be used to talk about the “delishiousness” of a guy.
that chocolate is making my mouth water.
chocolate? did you just look up chocolate?



1) a subst-tute for s-x
2) something women crave when not getting satisfied s-xually
he can’t be no good in bed, his woman always h-ttin’ the chocolate.
adj. a description of something amazingly fantastic.
it was so chocolate when we stumbled upon the annual night of debauchery party.
something that is the best it can be.
that hot chic is so chocolate. this steak is schocolate

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