chodiba or chodana is a slang word in oriya language largely spoken in the east indian state of odisha. chodiba or chodana means to f-ck or screw or to have s-x.
nirbala golapi bia chodiba ku mote bhala lage
(i love to f-ck hairless, pink & tight p-ssy.)

ye jou hemala raati,
premika jaichi videsha ku mora,
ta banda ku jhure mu niti,

ta banda jadi pashe tha’nta
rati sara khali chodiba huanta
bia kete khushi ha’nta!

(in this chilly winter night,
my lover is abroad and
my p-ssy constantly pines for his huge c-ck.
if he were here,
he would f-ck me the whole night
and my p-ssy would be in seventh heaven!)

chidiba ku ichha namita bia,
se bia katha bhabi banda mo thia.

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