when you can’t type because you choked
“that sh!t is so funny omg i choekd”

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  • wanders*xual

    when you find travelling more attractive than having a boyfriend or girlfriend. i’m coming out as wanders-xual. people keep asking me why i’m still single but really i’m wanders-xual

  • whalegantic

    something as big as a f-cking whale •”bro did you see that person over there?” “yeah man he’s whalegantic!!” • “whales man whales” “big gigantic whales”… “whalegantic”

  • wettroll

    a person offended by another person’s beliefs, actions, or ident-ty that do not affect that person in any way. donald trump is such a wettroll that he has barred transgender people from serving in the military for the mere fact that they are transgender, which does not affect him at all.

  • ezl

    when you struggle with englishhhh stop hating man you know im ezl stilll

  • female helper

    b-tch who spend time with you and refuse to give you p-ssy i have a good result on the dog show , many thank to my female helper

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