used to indicate biting someone, often playfully.
person 1: hey, what’s up?
person 2: not much. -chomp-
person 1: ack!
a short video that is said to be the most repulsive shockvideo ever made. it can be found at (18+) for free.
i watched chomp and i puked for 10 minutes.
1) food, meal.
2) expression of satisfaction or pleasure, particularly as relating to food.
1) “what’s for chomp tonight?”
2) “that was chomp!”
a large portion of chewing tobacco, usually of the long cut verity.
“oh my god i have had such a sh-tty day today, i really need this chomp”

“holy sh-t, no kidding, spey your pinch”
dublin slang for xtc . also see yokes
i wanna get chomped out of me head ! anybody doing yokes tonight ?
sucks, sh-tty, totally bites.

~ heard it from my hairdresser, who is remarkably not gay.
“oh, you live in a leaky condo, dude that totally chomps”.
to chomp an object/item is also commonly known as the term ‘jack’ or ‘steal’.
a: ah man, this is so cute but i can’t afford it!
b: chomp it then!

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