a v-g-n- ,a stupid person, a jack-ss
i want to eat her chonch..that guy is a chonch…don’t be a is a universal word just like f-ck…
a woman’s crotch. her private parts.
my chonch is itchy.
spanish slang for camel toe or female’s crotch hump.
wimpy, weak or chicken guy.
also p-ssy, sn-tch, or crotch
“dang check out that chic’s chonch!”
“dude your such a chonch!”
another name for v-g-n-
“man her chonch smelled like fish.”
a female that is regarded only for her p-ssy, c-nt, hole, whatever you call it.
i’ve gotta a date with this chonch tonite.
to make plans to meet somewhere and not show up
aaron made plans to meet for sushi but he chonched us.
a person that behaves like a coward.
don’t be such a chonch, get on the rollercoaster!

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