the act of caressing the b-lls during f-ll-t– (or at any other appropriate time) in the right way. not too hard, not too soft.
bro 1: met this girl last night, she is so hot.
bro 2: but does she know how to chongle?
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to fondle a s-xual partner’s scr-t-m and testes in a pleasurable manner. this ordinarily will occur during the course of oral s-x, but can take place during any s-xual activity. it can be used as either a noun or a verb.
bro a: bro! i met this girl at the bar last night and she chongled me like i’ve never been chongled before!
bro b: o hey bro dude! last week i met a girl who did me a similar favor!
bro a: no way! i think the females are catching on.
bro b: wait, did she have red hair?
bro a: why yes. don’t tell me you hooked up with rachel.
bro b: o bro, we just got chongled!
a word used to attack someone with great hatred or love. it varies between person to person. the differences can be identified between the use of exclaimation mark or not. exclamation mark=bad. no exclamation mark=nice
a chongle’s b!
b chongle’s a

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