a word for b-tt
ow! you hit my choochkins

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  • boot goofin

    verb: to have fun or be generally excited while wearing your boots. not to be confused with regular goofin’; which can be done without wearing your boots. “look at megan having fun out there on the dance floor in her boots. she’s boot goofin’”

  • going to denver

    slang for getting high. q: hey man, my “pilot” just got a new shipment, we should be going to denver! a: yeah, we’ll fly high, flight 420!

  • e gentlemen

    guys who actually respect others opinions on the internet and tend to try and help others. often whiteknights in twitch chat too. dude, kingslayer18 is such a e-gentlemen. he always mods my chat and gets the perverts out. that guy is such a f-cking e-gentlemen. he is so annoying.

  • rhy park

    a small town / village with no shops and a population made up of 90% incest b-gans ( called rhy parkians ) who throw party’s and do illegal stuf i went to a great party in rhy park but the family tree was very confusing.

  • as bad as the emoji movie

    this phrase means that something (mainly movies) are very bad. the emoji movie is a movie released by sony animations in 2017. however it was received very poorly. person 1: have you seen sharknado? person 2: yea, it was as bad as the emoji movie

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