Chopped Sausage

fillet mignon shoved up the urethra of a small midget, peed out into a urinal, and then collected for scientific research. after 3 years of fermentation, it is observed, and researched, and then eaten.
it is known to be the most delicious delicacy if prepared absolutely perfect- to which those chances are less than .00009% and has only been successfully completed once.
any other way prepared just tastes like ultra sh-t.
contrary to popular belief, it can be a choice in the infamous “would you rather” game.
it is a d-mn good choice too.
tyler: ok eric, would you rather eat the chopped sausage, or the meal?
eric: f-ck me!!! i can’t choose!!!
tyler: or lick your moms toesies until you puke?
eric: the toes! give me the toes!

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