the chozo, both spiritually and technologicly advanced, a wise and ancient race of avian anthromorphs, are from the game series metroid. they found the infant child, samus on the remains of a sp-ce colony which was ravaged by the sp-ce pirate leader: ridley. the remaining members of the ancient chozo race raised the young girl, trained her in battle and gave her the armor she wears. they are known for the statues they make and spread across the galaxy, which represent peace and wisdom. they are aptly named as it originates from the j-panese word, “choozoo” which means ‘statue’.
the chozo can manipulate energy on all levels, forge any material with unmatchable skill, and can opt to live outside of their physical form in a spectral state.
the chozo are the most advanced, peaceful rase in the galaxy.
extinct avian alien race from nintendo’s “metroid” series of games. the chozo left behind artifacts such as samus aran’s powered armor suit.
“the chozo left behind twelve artifacts, which the sp-ce pirates are after.”
an ancient, possibly extinct, race of bird-like creatures from the metroid video game series, who advanced so far in technology they can no longer advance. they left statues of themselves all across the solar system(s), and took samus aran in while she was a child after the invasion and complete destruction of her home, trained her in battle, and equipped her with the power suit.
the chozo are ancient.

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