Chris Jackson

a grungy,nasty,lazy,emo,bunk individual.

something that is bunk. also known as messed up.
that t-shirt is so chris jackson.(adj.)

its pretty chris jackson in here,lets leave.
the act of reaching between your legs from behind and m-st-rb-t-.
look chris is doing the chris jackson!

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  • beta spoon

    when two people spoon, this is the person in front. also known as the little spoon, they compliment the alpha spoon. he’s tall and i’m small, so i usually wind up as the beta spoon.

  • root hugger

    a h-m-s-xual. one who hugs roots (d-cks). aka brokeback, f-g, queer, etc… dude, you are a real root hugger.

  • Rosching

    when one takes a sh-t on a jewish -sshole and then finishes up by -j-c-l-t-ng in the sh-t and creating a paste then rubbing the paste on dr. mouse’s pebble b-lls holy sh-t dude i just had a rosching fest on dr. mouse….felt sooooo good

  • Rotcl

    an abbreviation for the phrase, “rolling on the computer laughing”. it was developed by big wumpa on pokekingdomalliance after he rightfully noticed that he had the uncontrollable urge to roll on his computer in laughter man a :baller is a good battler. man b : yh?…rotcl

  • Christacular

    jesusy enough to make the non-religious uncomfortable. (noun form: christacularity.) no, i don’t want to go to the movies with liz–i think she’s really nice, but she’s so christacular. kirk cameron didn’t go all christacular until his career died.

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