a scary -ss haunted school that is home to exorcisms, shadowy figures, and strange voices. school staff denies any knowledge until recently, when a former graduate came foreward and told stories of things he’d witnessed and heard. definatly one of the most haunted places in america.
boy christendom would make a nice setting for an episode of “buffy”
1. literally, the domain of christianity.

2. anachronistically, all the nations pledging loyalty to the pope.

3. later, all the churches or religions professing christianity.

4. people who think they are christian.
people of christendom think they can be christian by proxy by hiring clerics to be christian for them.
slang term for college in southern virginia, that is a roman catholic school and beleived to be haunted. in the summer of 2004, two security guards set out to investigate. their footage was found months later…
“goin to christendom….gonna do it again!”

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