slang for the word man, or homie, or n-gg-. mainly produced as a white man’s version of the bay area term: rogue. used in the 650, mainly west menlo park. created by two white boys from west menlo park.
alternative term: chromo.
w-sssupp chromosome.
just chilling rooogue.
slang for a short pool cue that is used when a pool table is in an area wear there is not enough room to use a full sized cue. called a chromosome because using it makes you feel slightly r-t-rded and that the cue itself is r-t-rded.
p-ss me the chromosome, i dont have enough room to make this shot.
something that men have 24 kinds of whereas women have just 23. although women have two x chromosomes while men have one x and one y, one of the women’s x chromosomes is “transcriptionally silent” i.e. completely inactive.

the y chromosome is the sole distinguishing factor between men and women and therefore the home of the genes for rationality and abilities such as parking, understanding maps, inventing humourous jokes or indeed anything useful, using an atm in 30 seconds or less and not turning into a blubbering mess when something trivial occurs, like a parent’s death.
“have you seen the sarah silverman show? she is one funny -ss chick!”

“yeah but she’s literally the only one, makes me kinda suspicious about them chromosomes.”
a white male
black guy: who is comin over, man?
white guy: a few of my chromosomes.

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