chronchitis is bronchitis you get after smoking marijuana nonstop for a long -ss time, like when youre stoned all week then you got chronchitis. symptoms include excessive nasty sounding coughs, and haziness. cure: lay off the bud for a few days.
g-d d-mn dude we shouldn’t half smoked that whole lid at once, i think i got chronchitis.
an alb-m by slightly stoopid.
did you hear that song “n-body knows” on slightly stoopid’s alb-m chronchitis?
the “disease” that habitual marijuana users have. symptoms include am coughing spasms, lung b-tter, and wheezing during s-x
“joey, your cough sounds awful, did you get the cold going around.” “no, i’m fine its just my chronchitis.”
when you have been smoking buds for a while and then stop, you become hungry but when you try to eat without previously smoking it makes you feel sick.
dude, do you want this blt? i was hungry but i think i got chronchitis…lets go blaze first

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