beautiful, lazy , fatty, pig , hog , cow , lazy , lazy -ss, cutie, strong , smart , dumb at times , and fresh as f-ck
i’m a chubbiola

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  • official heinz

    a person who is fifty-seven years old. because today i’m fifty-seven buddy.which makes me an official heinz.

  • trump humped

    the act of a person taking a p-ssy picking it up an eating the whole thing. you trump humped someone so don’t say a thing

  • facebook swear

    (v.) when you promise to all of your friends on facebook that you will do something. (n.) an promise made on social media in an effort to hold yourself accountable. i facebook swear that i will never watch the news again after the way the media exploited the worst our country has to offer.

  • use x to land

    when you first start to ride a dragon in skyrim and these words never leave the screen dragonborn! use x to land!

  • mr singh

    this means is short and more of an appropriate way of saying curry muncher yo john did u hear what what mr singh done to izrath and tehir he gave dem man 1 hour for walking out of the wrong gate yo mr singh shop is open from 7:30 to 8:30

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