to be going really good
that fire is chuchan hard

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  • the buffalo wild wing

    following both g-y partners climax, they dock and the c-m from their climax spills out like a ranch fountain. then a third g-y partner from the orgy will hold a chicken wing under the ranch fountain and the 3 will share it in g-y g-yness “hey all 3 of us g-y boys are hanging out […]

  • chug dunk

    verb. to gurgle with an item in ones mouth. i can’t believe he chug dunked my nuts.

  • monica dugger

    s-xy witty brown haired blue eyed gal with a smoking body monica dugger is the best

  • ling loc

    a real n-gg- who doesn’t f-ck around and gets sh-t poppin live on sight no questions asked, shoot first ask questions later you heard about that n-gg- ling loc ? that n-gg- dont f-ck around

  • boneless b*n*r

    boneless b-n-r is when you are aroused without getting an erection guy: dude i got a boneless b-n-r last night when i saw this trans-xual midget threesome p-rno dude: boneless b-n-rs are the shiit

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