chugz is used for someone who is chubby and ugly.
f-ck dude , that girls chugz!

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  • booyah blaster

    when you unleash a stream of booyah on a girls face booyah blaster on your face! i booyah blasted that girl last night!

  • ROTC cadet

    a kid who is in rotc. other kids that arent in rotc or dislike the rotc kids call them ratzie n-z-s. will:”look at that rotc cadet, hes such a ratzie n-z-.” teacher:”stfu. i won’t have that kind of language.”

  • Clay Partlow

    v. a name that is chosen from complete morons. n. the son of a mormon. my athiest wife, and i named out son clay partlow.

  • Rubbermidgety

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  • booyankles

    an exclamatory statement. i just found a gazzilion dollars…booyankles!

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