noun: throw up (chumble)

verb: to throw up (chumbled)
adjective: to describe something chumbley
noun: “i saw a puddle of chumble on the floor earlier.”
verb: “o my god! nikki just chumbled all over herself.”
adjective: “that shirt is totally chumbley.”
(v.) to jog or run in an unathletic way.
to move in an unfashionable, overweight manner.
the chubby little boy chumbled his way around the schoolyard.
one of calvin’s own words, from calvin and hobbes
“chumble spuzz.”
a chunky food dish prepared with left-over ingredients, without regard to origin, freshness, taste compatability or starch content. (ie. a pasta dish made with potatoes and bread.) often very spicy to begin with, partakers may elect to add even more spice in the form of chile sauces and garnishes. tabasco sauce is a common additive. jumble crumble chunky fritatta c-sserole stew
we’re having chumble for dinner.
to grumble in the presence of the rsm rugby team
chumble chumble chumble…. you chumble too much
(n) one who is chumbly.
yeah, he is a bit of a chumble, but i still like him.

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