the state where you are absolutely wasted
“man, i was chunched as f— last night”

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  • Sittin on swole

    to be large, m-ssive built strong, “hulk like” to be tank tank is sittin on swole, and jesse is sittin on swole d-ck! when you are full after a very big meal. and you just sit there…yeah. “d-mn, that was some good food. it got me sittin on swole.”

  • floogendeudle

    the ability to have swag that guy’s got floogendeudle. that guy can really floogen his deudle.

  • flushinghead

    noun: a person who is from flushing, queens. may either dress like a tacky gangsta wannabe or a snotty teenage aberzombie. can be spotted traveling in packs, often engaging in loud, raucous behavior. most likely attends or have attended flushing high school. “g-d, look at her name-plate belt, her lovehandles spilling out of her cheap […]

  • fly ass bitch

    a super hot girl who’s got a nice -ss and likes you back. a girl who is tan, short(5’3), smokes pot and party’s. bali – hi is a fly -ss b-tch. that fly -ss b-tch alex, is so jail-bait!

  • NAGL

    not a good look. as opposed to good look. homey1:yo, i just met this one girl. she so fine. we at the mall right now and she said when we done we gonna f-ck. homey2:good look. homey1: i think the name of this store is lane bryant. homey2: nagl. acronym for “not a good look”. […]

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