a woman’s -ss, usually referring to a woman with a big round nice plump -ss
“that blonde has a nice chunk.” “i’d f-ck her up the chunk.” “i grabbed her chunk during s-x.”
the name of the fat kid off the goonies.
sloth love chunk?
something large or m-ssive. a large piece of something.

a large piece of feces.
stan’s father complained about eric cartman leaving a large chunk of sh-t in the toilet.
a large obese chinese person. usually offensive. comes from the word ch-nk.
yo, check out john kim over there..he ain’t a ch-nk..he a chunk!
the act of chunking. to throw a chunk of machinery at someone.
using your chunk of machinery you hit 89,516 on enfo1.
you killed enfo!.
to throw something at someone… originates in texas..ya’ll know what i’m talkin’ ’bout!!
i chunked the flippin’ food at tina!
n. regurgitant.
jane: i got so drunk last night. i blew chunks when i got home.

d-ck: but you said booze never made you sick.

jane: you don’t understand d-ck. chunks is the name of my rottweiler!
a chubby chinese person.
hey look at that huge chunk over there!

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