to throw, word derived from the south.
quit chunkin the ball in the house.
when a percentage bar is slowly but surely moving forward in little chunks.
i had to sit and watch the torrent go chunkin along
the act of throwing up, vomitting, puking by a female whilst being f-cked doggy style.
jenny threw chunkins all over the duvet.
to throw.
something extremely awesome
im gunna be chunkin them b-lls tonite at the game.

man that hotdog is chunkin
meaning something is beyong cool; cool in a large amount
look at this shirt! isn’t it chunkin’?
1) trippin’ on campbells soup
2) to be under the influence of cocaine/ambien
e: ahahahha
m: what the h-ll is wrong with her?
ep: hah, man, she’s just chunkin

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