the art of talking for the sales of filling awkward silences
i’ve said what i’ve needed to say so i’m just chuntering on now

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  • closet cowboy

    you’re afraid of admitting to rooting for the dallas cowboys. so, you go overboard pretending to root for another team. guy at the bar, says go tampa bay!! but, talking cowboys for 5 minutes prior. i say, wow what a closet cowboy!

  • pinkston

    has swag and b-tches unnamed jrotc corporal: “d-mn that pinkston kid has all the swag”

  • creepy bitch

    a girl that either carries an atmosphere of, or does, creepy/scary/weird things that would probably leave you backing away slowly. me: you’ve seen overly attached girlfriend, on youtube with the songs and stuff about stalking her boyfriend and being like horror movie levels of psycho? other person: h-ll yeah, that’s one creepy b-tch!

  • Slyde

    a word that can be used to finish a sentence ” yo you look good slyde”

  • swanson logic

    any crazy idea with little to no common sense or logic to any normal logical human being. buddy 1: dude how should we make a hockey rink? buddy 2: let’s burn the house down so the firemen will come with their firehoses! buddy 1: that’s straight up swanson logic.

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