termino utilizado en tarija, bolivia para describir muchas cosas o situaciones. es utilizado siempre de manera positiva para indicar que algo es lindo; novedoso; interesante; chevere; etc.
que churo dia! se refiere a que lindo día!
pr-nounced as the cinnamon dessert “churro” without rolling the r, means p-n-s.
(commonly accidentaly used by gringoes who can’t roll their r’s, leading to hilariously wrong sentences.)
will: the other day i ate the best churo of my life.
everyone else: dude!
synonymous with joint doobie or any other word for a mariguana rolled cigarett or blunt, used in all hood from the tip of argentina to the gulf of alaska, commonly by mexicanos but not excluded from all spanish speaking people that know what’s up.
what up, twist up another churo,that last one didn’t even fade me.

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