beautiful, sweet, cute, and also the type of person that would push you off a bridge
don’t be a cindell please?

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  • oil shower

    hair that looks like you took a shower but in reality is actually just grease or oil buildup in your hair due to not taking frequent showers. a: did you take a shower before coming to school? b: um no why? a: no reason… -looks at hair with disgust- -shivers- b: whatttttt a: it looks […]

  • malijha

    a really high hippie who loves spider-man and her best friend. she’s straight up from the rez so she not afraid to throw hands “that hot chick looks dead” “that’s because she is dead famio” “that’s malijha for you”

  • reeceism

    some who hate reece reeceism is bad reeceism is the most racist religion there is. the int-tiation ceremony means that you must sleep with the leader. if you are of black or foreign decent you must hate yourself and harm yourself often and spend at least 2 days in the hospital every week. you must […]

  • band director

    the king band geek. one of the few teachers in a high school who sees every single one of their students from freshman all the way to senior year. they tend to wear hawaiian shirts and have a weird sense of humor. of all teachers, band directors are the most likely to die in a […]

  • fossil phone

    when ones phone is a flip phone that is from 2001 your sh-tty fossil phone barely works

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