is an italaian last name of southern italy, with ties to the italian-american mafia. eleanor cipriano went to school with charlie luciano’s niece from white plains ny.
joe cipriano (eleanors husband worked for charlie lucky luciano. richard cipriano is their grandson and is still afilliated with the mafia to this day.
they are from white plains ny and are not related to the cipriani’s who have very weak mafia affiliation aka not made men. while the cipriano’s have been made since the days of lucky luciano.
i wish i were a real gangster like joe cipriano…not like those fake unorganized blood and crip w-ngsters.

d-mn, that dude is dressed sharp, like richie cipriano the mobster.

i wish i had a cool italain last name like cipriano or gotti…gambino or something from the mafia.
an italian last name from southern italy, with ties to new york and the italian mafia. mainly from the bronx and white plains.
very good looking family. the mafia ties date back to charlie “lucky” luciano. never whacked and know the rules….
yo that dude is mobbin’ like a cipriano.

i wish i were italian like the cipriano’s and had a big d-ck like them…

my last name sucks i wish it were cipriano instead

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