a girl who is a b-tch backstabber. she will do anything for love even if it’s not real epically dating her best friends bf. she tries to be cool and fit in but isn’t very good at it. don’t date them because they are horrible at everything they try. they also are super annoying and are wayyyynto skinny
guy: did you see that girl over there?
guy 2: she’s such a cj

guy: and that girls a skinny b-tch
carl johnson from grand theft auto : san andreas.
“cj’s my n-gg-! i can dress him up, bulk him up, hone his skills, and even customize his wheels. for shizzle!”
-me, in poor ghetto-talk
an amazingly lazy yet awesome guy that is a well mannered gentleman. a cj is good at listening, focusing on your problems, and gives good advice. he is a great and trustworthy friend. cj is always willing to help you in anyway.

he also has random made up memories of things that really didn’t happen…despite what his friends say.

haha he’s amazing and makes everyone feel safe and comfortable. he instills a feeling of trust in you that you just can’t shake off.
wow the -sshole is a total opposite of a cj.

i love cj’s they are amazing.
usually a nickname of some kind. in most cases referencing the initials of the individual. most cjs are relatively intelligent but lack motivation and drive. cjs are very fun to interact with but due to their almost constant positive outlooks can sometimes be incredibly annoying. cjs are also very loyal friends but will not hesitate to tell it to you straight. some cjs can suffer from a slight fear of commitement. they are much more pr-ne to “just having a good time” however, it is possible for them to be housebroken
hey, who’s that kid who you met at the party last night?

oh, that was cj.

oohhh, are you guys gonna date?

idk, he says he just wants to have a good time but we’ll see…
receiving a bl-w j-b while you are in a coma
i heard that kiley gave tim a cj while tim was recovering from that skiing accident
one of the greatest guys you will ever meet. they usually love to fight and get high. you will never find anyone like them.
me: “c.j., i’m going to need you in about ten minutes”

c.j.: “for what?”

me: “potential violence”

c.j.: ” i’ll be there in three.”
a playa!!!!
yo man cj is such a playa, you see him wit dem hoes?
a little boy who lives in north carolina and is addicted to wacking off in the shower while watching animal p-rn on his iphone and trying to avoid getting it wet.
whats that noise comming from the shower? it sounds like a man having s-x with a sheep. no its just cj.

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