a stuck up b-tch
ugh. clairezels coming

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  • droptation

    to drop the booty in a full circle while twerking y-sss! bish! droptation all ova that dance floor!

  • ursulav

    a russian girl from a weird village that worships goats and spits on people as a sign of disgust or anger person: you do not want to make ursulav mad… person2: why… ursulav: i spit on u! shame to ur family

  • zenez

    when you’ve had so much xanax that you can’t even say its name. niggu im no taking no mo zenezz

  • wooden birds

    an abundance of clothes pins on an empty clothes line, resembling birds on a power line. hand me one of those wooden birds so i can close up that bag of chips.

  • cheesebone

    a slang word used to refer to someone as idiotic or r-t-rded. “he’s so stupid! what a cheesebone.”

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