a case of gonorrhea
i think i got a case of the claps from her
an std,v.d.,a disese transmitted through s-xual contact w/an infected partner.symptoms include:yellowish discharge,extreme burning upon urination,swelling of the l-b– majora.
rosco knew da bits’ho’been fuggin round and gots da sheet from he pappy. whitey said: nothing to clap about.
noun- a case of gonorrhea, a s-xually transmitted bacterial disease in which males display more symptoms than females, but can lead to sterility or more serious problems in both.
-dude, it burns like h-ll when i take a p-ss.
-sounds like the clap to me, man.
you moron, claps is slang for gonorrhea.
“it hurts when i pee. i got a bad case of the claps from that hooker”
a mildly severe s-xually transmitted disease that produces purulent s-xual organ discharge and/or a burning or itching sensation whilst loosening the yellow or amber colored waste product secreted by the kidneys that in mammals .
i’ve had the clap three times, it toe up mah puss and p–p shoot, but at least i don’t have anything on my mouth. i’m happy.
a nickname for gonorrhea, an std.

the clap got its nickname from the methods of treating gonorrhea on the war front. this painful way of treatment involved two soldiers holding their comrade’s arms, two soldiers holding their comrade’s legs, and one soldier “clapping” his hands on the comrade’s p-n-s, discharging the fluid.
“did you hear what steve caught from me?”
“yeah, the clap.”
“no… i had herpes. he has the clap!?”
“yeah… hey, now you have the clap, too!”
slang term for a s-xually tranmitted disease.
i got the claps from the nasty b-tch last night. she sure can suck a d-ck though.

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