an -ss of g-ddess quality. absolute ambrosia level -ss, off the international ‘bootyscale’.
“look at them clappaz on that joint!”

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  • noobulated

    how one feels after being educated by a noob, esp. on a trivial subject matter; being “pwned” by a noob. i feel so n00bulated that i can’t get these ‘speakers’ working! being overrun in a online game by a bunch of noobs. man: ahhhhhh we are be noobulated! man2: ahhh pwnage!!111!!! the act of getting […]

  • rounding off money

    in high school math, the stuff after the zero. in high society, a sum, no matter how large, too small to impress the person you want to impress. cf. chump change. he left her with $5 million, but in their crowd, that is just rounding off money.

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