a fine -ss, darkskin, ole big booty -ss female <3 d-mn, did you see claresha today?

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  • outerage

    a person or persons, previously member(s) of a celebrity entourage, are no longer considered to be members of said posse or entourage; an entourage ex-communication. if you don’t quit man-handling the b-tches, you are going to be outerage.

  • here thar be monsters

    it means when you’re with an unclean woman and u get crabs on you’re genitals. i got up after bad s-x with a lady of the night, went into the bathroom, looked at my junk, and here thar be monsters!

  • buzz hard

    buzz hard: typically a british saying meaning, to get extremely excited about something/someone or be very pleased by something/someone. “did you go to the party on sat-rday?” “yeah, it was awesome! i buzzed hard!” or “this song makes me buzz hard!”

  • idewttty

    i don’t even want to talk to you friend- hey how are you you-idewttty

  • ball cuzie

    when you put your b-lls in a cup of water and a girl blows bubbles with a straw dude this b-tch gave me a ball cuzie last night

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