Class 5

when a girl is so hot you want her to be a stage 5 clinger.
that girl is so hot she is a cl-ss 5. she can stalk me anytime.

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  • class crush

    someone who you look forward to seeing everyday in that one cl-ss who you drool over. you may have multiple cl-ss crushes for different cl-sses. “are you going to date john?” “no way, he’s just a cl-ss crush”

  • Milfanoma

    1. a disease which results in a man having an overwhelming desire to have s-x with milfs. 2. an obsession with older, desirable women. man, that dude has a serious case of milfanoma.

  • Milfionaire

    a very successful and accomplished “mother i’d like (to) f-ck” player. i dont know how he does it but when it comes to getting layed that boy can deal, he must be a milfionaire by now. “got any kwell lotion? penicillin? anybody”

  • thobit

    dumb kn-b, who sits and gets high off his face recreationally. one who lives in middle earth, and builds -rs-nic water filters for recreation. oh look there’s a thobit.

  • Tip of the Tit

    1) the highest point on the human breast, not to be confused with “nipple” 2) cream of the crop, the absolute best man, that steak was the tip of the t-t!

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