when the most illiterate b-tch in cl-ss offers to read a full chapter knowing godd-mn well they’re reading level is far below average.
cl-sshole- “t-t-t-the…okay…t-t-t-the buh-buh-bunny sai-”

smart-ss- “who the f-ck let this cl-sshole attempt to read? somebody please drag floyd mayweather away!”
an -sshole of higher order demonstrating calculated -ssholishness. aspires to have more creativity than the common -sshole and takes pride in pulling off -ssholish things. usually accompanied by apologetic friends.
pizza shop patron #1: “why the f-ck is br-ss monkey playing over and over?”
pizza shop patron #2: “some dude dumped 10 bucks into the jukebox and picked that gay -ss song to play like 50 times. and then he left.”
pizza shop patron #1: “f-ck! what a cl-sshole!”

“i’m sorry my friend shat on your driveway – he’s kind of a cl-sshole.”
an -sshole but with cl-ss. does -sshole-ish things, but with a cl-ssy twist
man 1:you see, i am what i call a cl-sshole, i like poking tiny holes in styrofoam noodle cups at the grocery store, so thanks to me, someone gets surprise boiling water in the lap.

man 2: i am in awe.

man 1: it’s even more fun to do to condoms.

a cl-sshole is a rare breed of student, the kind who insists upon commenting upon absolutely everything the professor says, even if his/her comment is as meaningless as nodding and verbally giving his -ssent/dissent. the cl-sshole also answers just about every question asked, even when everyone else is sick to death of hearing him/her spew their insignificant opinions about topics n-body really cares about in the first place. cl-ss is a time to shut your mouth and listen to the professor, who has years of education and probably four or five different diplomas to boot; the knowledge of the cl-sshole pales in comparison, but this is a fact that is only evident to everyone else in the cl-ss. the cl-sshole, so smitten with themselves, remains ignorant.
the foreign exchange student who nods his head every time the professor says something “meaningful” and voices his opinion every d-mn chance he gets is undoubtedly a cl-sshole.
1. someone who aspires to become more than just a common -ss-hole. a cl-ssy -ss-hole.

2. a cl-ssic -ss-hole.
d-ck: how did you spend your morning?
tom: feeding rocks to children in the park.
d-ck: your sociopathic abuse of random strangers staggers me.
tom: i aspire to have more creativity than the common -ss-hole. i’m more of a cl-ssy -ss-hole. a cl-ss-hole if you will. for example, i like poking tiny holes in styrofoam noodle cups at the grocery store. thanks to me, someone gets surprise boiling water in the lap.
d-ck: i am in awe.
1)one who purports to a superiority which is manifestly unfounded; 2)one who takes umbrage at people who attend a school reunion not of their graduation year
get biff, talking about his all inclusive vacation, wearing a brown suit, driving a grand am gt, sporting a zircon, acting like the aly khan. he’s such a cl-sshole.


biff wouldn’t speak to me at the reunion because i didn’t graduate with him. what a cl-sshole.
cl-ssmates in any educational setting that are complete -ssholes.
all my fellow cl-ssholes like to complain about everything, kiss the teachers -ss, and annoy the h-ll out of me.
noun, the jerk who thinks he’s better than you because he drives a bmw. see p-sshole and paxhole.
that cl-sshole just ran by all the other cars and ducked into the lane in front of me. he seems to think he’s better than me and doesn’t have to sit in traffic like everybody else.

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