chavs use this word when they are jealous of how clever and intelligent you are.
i’m gonna f-ckin write b-ll-nd on the wall coz it’s me favourite word o’ week (writes ‘bilend’). there yaa go mate b-ll-nd. f-ckin’ that’s what you un’s are innit ya f-ckin’…claxon…f-ck me charver…i’m f-cked!
a word that can mean anything in any context.
claxon me a pint mate.
you claxon
im claxoning off to the shop
claxon you later
waa im claxoned
a term heavily used by britain’s new undercl-ss- otherwise known as chavs, and made famous by the legendary devvo, to indicate annoyance at another person- most often non-chavs.

an insult with no real substance- indicates an inner city public school education amongst the user.

a highly amusing insult that the middle cl-sses use when they wish to parody chavs.
“did youn key me saxo you f-ckin’ claxon!?”

“i’ll spark you reet out you f-ckin’ claxon!”

“get off me burberins you f-ckin’ claxon!”

“‘ere maate, yer step-dad’s a reet f-ckin’ claxon.”
a noisy and annoying person, usually those who dominate conversations by being loud and overly -ssertive, or the type that laugh really loud and make idiots of themselves when drunk.
zip it and quit being such a claxon.
a right idiot who is extremely stupid
waaaaaaaaaaa!you f-cking claxon

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