someone with such deep pockmarks, that a mold of their face could be cast and used to make traction for athletic cleats.
shes a total b-tterface, her body is smokin’ but she has major cleatface.

f. murray abraham is a great actor; but man…check out his cleatface!

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  • clemp

    full time hick….located in pacific northwest “look at that group of clemps over there chewing on hay!” another name for the male species that a women finds attractive. d-mn, that clemp is s-xy!!!!!! “what up clemp?” “your such a celmp!”

  • brown velvet

    a poo that no matter how many times one wipes, just will not wipe clean. we need more toilet paper; ronan’s cake gave me a case of brown velvet.

  • clepper

    a stupid person .or someone that does stuff without thinking. wow that guy is a clepper. or stop being such a clepper.

  • Flocka Mode

    to get the urge to yell ” floka” real loud for no apparent bark like a dog just because floka does it. boy 1: floka!!! boy 2: uh-oh,he just went flocka mode

  • floor of imagination

    a place your head will be spiked i’m gonna rip your f-ckin head off and spike it one the floor of an nightmare you cant even imagine!!!!!

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