to stick your p-n-s in a non-typical orifice for s-xual pleasure, such as the cleft your thigh makes when its closed or the armpit.
dude i can’t believe you clebbed her ear bro.
noun: a slang term for the suit of clubs in the card game of spades. usually pr-nounced with a slight accent.
throw your cleb.
a leb that goes to clubs. often wearing tight shirts and sungl-sses, fist pumping and pursing their lips. they are sweaty and know all the words to songs. they congregate in large packs and are very rowdy and loud.
1) that cleb stole my purse.
2) you’ze a cleb.
3) dayum, fadi is a cleb in a housecoat.
an offensive name for a fat person
oh my god, that cleb just ate 17 twinkies?!
caleb must be a cleb if he can’t fit in the door!
a man whom has his pants down whilst doing it in a can
pull your pantys up cleb you fat -ss
to f-ck, pound etc a person; the act of intercourse.
“i’m bare getting my cleb on tonight”

“where have they gone?” “back to camp cleb”

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