something ladievicious said but can be used in many different perverted ways.
aye yo ma, you gotta nice cledix!

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  • horror addict

    a “horror addict” is someone who seems like they are almost addicted to the horror movie genre like it was a drug. “tyler is such a horror addict” “he watches them everyday”

  • devin's demise

    when you come home to find your significant others uvula wrapped around around another’s person genitals you better watch yourself or i’ll give you devin’s demise.

  • sachaweeb

    someone against all religions except for judaism god a-aron you are being such a f-cking sachaweeb.

  • gammon slipper

    used to describe someone thick or frustratingly stupid. based on the slang for a ladies downstsirs area darren: “i sold my datsun to this geezer who then crashed it and wanted his money back” tim: “urgh, what a complete gammon slipper”

  • helpf*ck

    helpf-ck is when you haven’t had s-x in a while so a friend practices with you by having s-x with you. anna it’s my first date in a long time tomorrow and i’m not sure if i still got it can i get a helpf-ck?

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