lazy, pathetic journalism. typically used by no-talent, agenda driven -ss-clowns on espn as a click-bait plea.
espn’s college football coverage sucks so bad, they resort to clemsoning in a sad attempt to remain relevant. any sports fan with a brain laughs at them.
the act of delivering an inexplicably disappointing performance, usually within the context of a college football season.
oklahoma state’s overtime loss to an unranked iowa state was a full-blown clemsoning.
1. the act of failing miserably on a grand athletic stage, or when the stakes are high. 2. record-setting failure, usually reserved for college football.
there was an epic example of clemsoning when clemson hosted florida state in a highly antic-p-ted football game on october 19, 2013. clemson was ranked 3rd, while florida state was ranked 5th. florida state won the game 51 – 14. clemson set a ncaa record for margin of defeat by a home team ranked #3 or higher. the 51 points scored by florida state is the most points ever allowed by a clemson opponent on clemson’s home field. most of the home team fans could not take the clemsoning any longer and left the game mid way through the third quarter.
(verb) 1. when you are widely favored to succeed and instead crash & burn. 2. failing miserably and/or by a wide margin 3. horribly embarr-ssing yourself in front of loved ones and strangers alike. 4. having multiple records broken against you in front of a large audience.
1. when google plus launched it took a real clemsoning. 2. when the hare raced the tortoise he really got clemsoned. 3. when snooki’s parents decided not to have that abortion, they really pulled a clemson.
in college football, beating two top-ten ranked sec teams in a row or beating multiple ranked sec teams in a season.
i can’t believe how the acc is clemsoning the sec this year.

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